Rent is based on occupancy of 2 persons. Rent balance is due April 1st, after which a $5.00 per day late fee will be assessed. Deposit ($100.00) is due August 1st. If deposit is not received by August 1st, your site cannot be guaranteed for the following season.  It is the policy of Apple Valley Travel Park that once $100.00 deposit is made, there is no refund. This is also the policy for yearly rental. Please mail checks to:


Apple Valley Travel Park

1 Apple Orchard Road

Hendersonville, NC 28792



Clipping, weeding & watering of any personal plants or shrubs will be the responsibility of the resident. Please do not plant flowers in mowing areas as it is not possible to weed-eat individual lots. Please do not store anything outside except porch or patio equipment and keep all water hoses off the ground when not in use. If the mower cannot get to your lot due to obstacles, then Apple Valley cannot provide mowing for that lot. If you have concerns about your vehicle while mower is at your site, please move it to office parking.  In keeping Apple Valley looking the best it can, you will be asked to have your unit washed when it becomes unsightly. There are companies who have the equipment needed so our well system will not be over used. Washing vehicles is prohibited.



Before installing any permanent fixture RV covers, either metal or wood (free standing or attached), decks, porches, storage units, etc. you must obtain permission from management to ensure that no water or electric lines are damaged or access to septic access is not blocked. Also, county ordinances require a permit for any added structures. All structures must be specifically approved by management before construction begins. If the RV is sold and the new owner applies and is accepted for seasonal usage the existing structures can be left for the use of the new resident. If the RV is sold and moved from the park to a different location, the seller has 15 days from vacating the site to remove all fixtures from the site. In the event the structures are not removed within the 15 day period they become the property of the park. The only exception to this rule is if the RV owner replaces the RV with a different RV. Any costs, including legal costs, incurred by Apple Valley due to not following the above guidelines will be charged to the original site resident.



Please hang laundry on the clothes lines furnished by the park beside the laundry room. Also, please do not use park laundry to dye any garment or wash rugs. Do not hang clothes out on your lot. Washers are not allowed to be used in your RV.



Well behaved pets are welcomed, but must be kept on a leash. Please pick up after your pet and discard waste in dumpster. Failure to do so can result in termination of tenancy. Do not leave pets outside unattended. No free roaming cats allowed.



A fee of $300.00 will be assessed to anyone selling their unit while it is located on Apple Valley property. This applies whether management or owner sells the unit. There can be no exceptions to this rule. All potential buyers who intend to rent seasonally must be screened by management to ensure the integrity of the park. No lot will be transferred until the fee is paid. Anyone removing a unit from Apple Valley must remove all out buildings & fixtures from lot.




Please be very cautious when entering and leaving highway. There is a 10 MPH speed limit throughout the park. Please observe this rule.



Most sites have only one parking space available.  There is overflow parking in vacant lot by well house & guest parking in front of manager’s house. If you have visitors & require extra parking please check with management. No mopeds allowed in park.



If you have overnight guests (over 6 years old) who require the use of showers please pay $2.00 per night to management to offset the use of electric and water.




There is no subletting of units or sites at Apple Valley.




Please leave a telephone number where someone may be reached in case of an emergency. You are also requested to leave an extra key in the event of an emergency (without this we will not be able to help).




Office hours are Monday-Friday 9 am -12 noon & 1 pm - 4 pm, Saturday 9 am - 12 noon. If you have any park business that needs to be taken care of, please do so during business hours. Management may not be in the office but may be contacted by phone 828-685-8000 and someone will help you. We are available for emergency help anytime, but please keep all park business within the office hours.




To forward mail, please forward through post office.




Please read the chalk board daily for various notices and function dates.




There are four-night maximum increments on overnight stays during the off season.



Owner recommends that everyone have RV insurance as he will not be responsible for falling limbs and trees or power surges, etc.



WIFI is available for all residents, but is not guaranteed to reach all areas of the park. Streaming video is prohibited with use of park’s WIFI because it uses all bandwidth of available signal.

We reserve the right to terminate the tenancy of any guest for any infraction of the above rules or any offensiveness to other campers.